Bi-Metal Screws

Bi-Metal Screws

The diversity of product required by our OEM customers means the challenge in our stockholding operation is to maintain the levels required to meet customer demand including coverage to take account of any unforeseen increase in production demand.

Features and characteristics

  • Drilling, thread-forming and fastening in one step
  • Connect components in one step
  • Decrease assembly times
  • Save tool changes and costs for drilling tools
  • Available with stainless steel / EPDM vulcanized sealing washer
  • Hexagon or hexalobular drive / TORX® drive
  • Free Spin Zone under the head facilitates longitudinal joints
  • Small dead centre prevents misalignment on the component surface
  • Excellent atmospheric and UV resistance.
  • A2 stainless steel with case-hardened carbon steel drill point

Product Details

  • Screw material: A2 stainless steel with case-hardened carbon steel drill point
  • For components made of: Steel or aluminum
  • Building authorities approved: Ü
  • Max. drill capacity [inches (mm)]: 0.472" (12mm)
  • Approval: Z-14.4-426 and Z-14.1-537

Technical Data

  • Drilling capacity ti + tii : 1.0 + 1.0 mm
  • External hexagon drive: A/F8
    Approved for sheet metal thicknesses of:
  • 0.80 mm (0.03150’’ or gage 20) aluminium sheets
  • 0.55 mm (0.02165’’ or US steel gauge 24) steel sheets
ø inches (mm) Length inches (mm) Clamping thickness inches (mm) Units per pack
Sealing washer E16, ø 5/8" (16mm)      
1/4" (6mm) 1"(25mm) 0 - 7/64" (0 - 7mm) 500