304 Bi Metal

304 Bi Metal

SUS304 Bi-Metal Screws :
Combined together two parts by welding, the one consisting of a stainless head which shall be exposed air and a stainless shank which undergoes the full-Stress after fastened into materials, and the anther is a carbon steel hardened for self-drilling and Self-tapping.

Configuration :

  • Stainless Head & Body
  • Stainless Steel, SUS 304 with corrosion resistance (no case hardening)
  • Welding
  • Self Drilling Point
  • Stainless Steel, SUS 410
  • Case Hardened Carbon Steel

Strength :

  • A - No Case-hardening for keeping anti-corrosion high. Surface hardness 350HV
  • B - Tensile stress value over A2 (700N/mm)
  • C - Welding Strength over the breaking values for torsion and tensile of part B
  • D - Case-hardening for over 600HV